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Here is some information and times for our services that we offer.



10:30 Healing Service
11-12pm Sunday Service



7pm - Open Meditation Circle

$5.00 donation



2nd and 4th Thursday at 7pm- Development Circle $5.00 donation, they are closed till October 25, 2022

Children's Lyceum


4th Sunday of every month is the children's lyceum after the service.  Children ages 6 and up are welcome to the Lyceum.



1st and 3rd Sundays

The 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month we have Mini Readings.  You can after church purchase a reading, $10.00 for ten minutes with a medium and receive a private reading.

All Message Service

Due to COVID we have put the All Message Service on hold until futher notice


​Our church would like to help the community as it helps out the church.  These are some of the events that we are working on that will benefit the community and the church.

Fry's Foodstore


Every time you go to fry's food store you could be helping out the church.  Go to Fry's food store website, go to the community, register your key or fry's card and enter the Church of the Living Spirit.  Every dollar you spend, a percentage comes back to the church.

Amazon Smile

If you like purchasing your items online, then this is the program for you.  Amazon Smile would like to help out the local community, so every time you buy an item, a percentage will come back to the church.

Monthly Drawings

We are very honored to have wonderful raffles that are donated and given to a lucky individual who wins the raffle.  This is a dollar a ticket or six tickets for five dollars.  The raffles are usually in $150.00 value.

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