Reverend Havivah Richards, NST, Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer


Havivah was the President for 7 years, Secretary for 2 years, and Trustee for one year.  She was the co-chair for the 2015 convention in Arizona and teaches the children’s lyceum at her church. She has completed the course for MPI, and Pastoral Skills.  She is also the Director of Lyceums. 


She has completed the course for MPI, and Pastoral Skills, and has received certificates in Healing, Mediumship, LM, Ordination, NST and comes to the National Convention to participate in the workshops held yearly.  She has her Associate’s in business management and medical assisting.  Havivah has done secretarial work for 19 years and has worked for big corporations, where she is proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Windows 7 and Windows 8.


She is committed to work for the growth and the continued expansion of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She feels that she can be a great asset with my skills that she has, and is not afraid to help out in any capacity needed for churches.  She would like to help with keeping Spiritualism moving to the future, but not forgetting our past or our pioneers or past board members who have helped out so much for the greater good of Spiritualism. 



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Our purpose is to live our lives freely in accordance to Natural Law. As we are free to make our own choices, we must take responsibility and ownership of our own destiny through those choices. With the guidance of Spirit, each of us can change our mental direction to align with that of the mind of God which contains all the potential for whole living.
We pray the Church of the Living Spirit, NSAC will always be used for the service of the Divine Principles and learning Universal Law for the service of the Spirit within all creation. We pray that our church will provide inspiring information, to educate each individual on the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism, and to bring each one closer to the Light and Energy of Infinite Intelligence.

Our services consist of three parts: Part one consists of laying-on-of-hands healing, absence healing, and a guided healing meditation; Part two has an Inspirational Speaker, Love Offering, and Announcements; Part three demonstrates that what makes us different from other religions is that you get the proof of continuous life through mediumship. Of course, there is lots of fellowship and hugs.  We are a scent-free church.  The new address to the new building is 15414 N 19th Avenue Ste A  Phoenix, Az 85029